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2nd Lt. William C. Andrew, Troop B, 101st Squadron

Silver Star


On 6 April 1945, in Germany, 2nd Lt. Andrew led a reconnaissance patrol of one platoon of mechanized cavalry into enemy-held territory seeking information of enemy armored strength. Upon completion of reconnaissance of his assigned zone, on his own initiative, continued his reconnaissance still deeper into enemy lines to further locate the bulk of enemy forces. Lt. Andrew, in furthering his reconnaissance, discovered that all approaches to our main line of resistance were impassable, and that all bridges were destroyed. He was able to determine the enemy main line of resistance. Upon completing this mission, he started to lead his platoon back to our own lines. However, enemy dismounted forces attempted to close the routes of withdrawal and, in the ensuing fire fight, he was seriously wounded. Even though wounded, his coolness and bravery while under fire served as an inspiration to his men, enabling their safe return to Base Camp with the vital information.  He entered military service from Northfield, Vermont.

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