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A list of names collected so far of men serving in the 10st Cavalry during World War II.

wingfoot, 101st cavalry

The first thing you will notice about these rosters is that some have a few names, while others have closer to 100. I had access to the records of Lt. Col. Hubert Leonard, 116th Squadron, so those lists are fairly complete. But for some of the troops in the 101st Squadron, I have relied on what a few survivors remember. Often I received a man's name, but no affiliated squadron or troop, so those are listed in the section "Squadron and troop unknown." I could use your help keeping the information updated. 

Joseph Fitzpatrick and others, on the front page of the The Baltimore Sun on June 7, 1942. Fitzpatrick is the one in the center with the 45 pistol. This picture was taken in Baltimore at the U.S. Army War Show, which was a public relations program that toured the country promoting the Army's war efforts during WWII. A few months after this photo was taken, the 101st Cavalry was depoyed to Europe.

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