Troop B




Capt. Friedman, Abraham, New York; Bronze Star

1st Lt. Willemain, Bernard, Holyoke, Massachusetts

2nd Lt. Andrew, William, Northfield, Vermont; Silver Star



Cpl. Blinson, Darius, Silver Star awarded posthumously


S/Sgt Comparato, Louis, Purple Heart, wounded April 13


Davis, Madison, Danville, Virgina



Sgt. Fouquet, Robert, Purple Heart, wounded April 26


Gay, David Edgar, Asheboro, North Carolina; Purple Heart, wounded March 14

Gay, William T., Wilson, North Carolina

Gibbs, Robert, Aiken, South Carolina

Sgt. Griffith, George, Purple Heart, wounded April 10



Tec 5 Hamel, Edward, Purple Heart, wounded April 3

PFC Harnishfeger, William, Purple Heart, wounded March 20

Tec 4 Higgins, Robert, recommended for Bronze Star (status unknown)

Tec 5 Hodgin, Junius, Purple Heart, wounded April 10



Pvt. Justy, George, Purple Heart, date of wounds unknown


S/Sgt. Lolos, Bernard, killed by the accidental discharge of a weapon


Tec 5 Meadows, Claude, Purple Heart, wounded April 24

Tec 5 Meeler, Charles, recommended for Bronze Star (status unknown)

PFC Moore, Bouldin, Purple Heart, wounded February 24 (stepped on a mine)


Tec 5 Petoniak, John, Purple Heart, wounded April 10


S/Sgt. Renner, William, recommended for Bronze Star (status unknown)

Rigsby, Floyd, Portsmouth, Ohio, recipient of Bronze Star (information from son)

Sgt. Robinson, Marshall, recommended for Bronze Star (status unknown); Purple Heart,

   wounded April 26

Tec 5 Romano, John, wounded on February 24 when he stepped on a mine



PFC Turner, Dewey, Purple Heart, wounded April 12


Westbrook, G. B., Mt. Olive, North Carolina

Weidl, Frank, Glidden, Wisconsin



Tec 5 Young, James, Purple Heart, wounded March 12



Troop C, 101st Squadron


Capt. Bielss, August, Purple Heart, wounded April 20

1st Lt. Herrmann, William, Purple Heart, wounded March 14

1st Lt. Meyer, Harold W., Bronze Star, Texas, Platoon Leader

2nd Lt. Muckstadt, John, captured February 15



Afkinson, Joseph, New York

Awgazak, Stanley, Harrah, Oklahoma



Ball, Woodrow R., Fordsville, Kentucky, captured February 15

Becker, Clair, Altoona, Pennsylvania

Benderim, Kenneth, Sulphur, Oklahoma

Tech. 4 Bernardoni, Junius, Sawyerville, Pennsylvania

Bischoff, Richard, Williamsburg, New Mexico

S/Sgt. Boyle, Vincent J., Brooklyn, New York; Bronze Star



Tech. 4 Cantrell, A.B.

Capucci, Peter, Briston, Rhode Island

Tec 4 Chintella, Andrew, Purple Heart, wounded February 11

Sgt. Cich, Edward J., East St. Louis, Illinois; Bronze Star

Tech. 5 Cooney, John J., Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Craddock, David E., Plymouth, North Carolina

Tech. 4 Curry



D'Amere, Daniel D., Uniontown, Pennsylvania

Sgt. DelleBovi, Guy, Purple Heart, wounded April 19

Dickens, W.C. (Bill), Poquosan, Virginia

Dornback, Louis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Doubleday, Elwyn, Amherst, Massachusetts

S/Sgt Dumanski, Theodore, Purple Heart, wounded April 17, Bronze Star



PFC Farmington

Tec 5 Flanigan, Delbert, Purple Heart, wounded April 11, 1945



Tec 5 Garner, Ira, Bronze with Oak Leaf Cluster; wounded April 20

S/Sgt. Geissnger, George, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, captured February 15

PFC Golddara



Hughes, Herman, Somerset, Kentucky



S/Sgt. Kennedy, Squad leader; Silver Star

Kobas, Frank J., Cohoes, New York



Cpl. Landolfo, Anthony, Bronze Star

Langston, Joseph, San Antonio, Texas

Cpl. Lowder, James, Albemarle, North Carolina; Purple Heart, wounded April 20



McDonnell, Sgt. Joseph, Pittston, Pennsylvania

McPherson, Seab, Florence, South Carolina

PFC Maher, Walter, Bronze Star; Purple Heart, wounded April 3

Miller, Bill, Denver, Colorado



Neff, William, Galion, Ohio



Osbourne, Jethro, Whiteville, North Carolina



Pace, William, Montgomery, Alabama

Tech. 5 Palace, Thaddeus (Ted), Chicago, Illinois; Purple Heart, wounded near Augsburg, April 20, 1945

Patoka, Robert J., Erie, Pennsylvania

Pieper, Lawrence, Nokomis, Illinois

Powell, Cecil, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma

Tec 5 Powell, Frederick L., Hartsville, South Carolina; Purple Heart, wounded April 20, 1945



Runfola, Fred, Mamaroneck, New York



Schaffier, J.M. (Jack), Chicago, Illinois; wounded near Feuchtwangen, 1945

Schatz, Sgt. Alfred, Fitchburg, Massachusetts; wounded near Saarbrucken during the winter of 1945. He was ambushed           on patrol and got shrapnel in his back.

Shusterman, Herman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

PFC Sidwell, Melvin, Bronze Star

Smar, Charles, Crown Point, Indiana

Spilty, Alexander, Jr., Chicago, Illinois

Tec 4 Squillare, Pasquale (Pat), Bristol, Pennsylvania; Bronze Star

Tec 5 Wallach, George, West Brownsville, Pennsylvania



Wrenn, Vance T., Roxboro, North Carolina



Company E, 101st Squadron


King, William J., Butler, Pennsylvania

Lail, Shuford, Hickory, North Carolina

Lynn, W.A (Bill), N. Cohocoton, New York


Runfola, Fred, Mamoroneck, New York

Saintsing, Raeford, Thomasville, North Carolina

Saltsgiver, Earl, Hanover, Penn.

Cpl. Thrift, Henry, Purple Heart, wounded March 14


Company F, 101st Squadron

Childs, Will B., Pinellas, Park, Florida

PFC Clontz, James, Purple Heart, wounded April 11

PFC Cottone, Joseph, Bronze Star

Sgt. Dokurno, Anthony, Purple Heart, wounded April 3

Sgt. Ely, Robert, Purple Heart, wounded April 25

Fitzpatrick, Joseph Thomas, New York

Sgt. Muck, Karl, Bronze Star; Purple Heart, wounded April 11

Stough Henry (Hank), Columbus, Ohio

Wollmer, Charles A., Decatur, Georgia

Troops B, C, E, F/101st Squadron


1st Lt. Bernard Willemain

Members of Company F, 101st Squadron. Joseph Thomas Fitzpatrick is in the third row back, second on the left.

Right: Floyd Rigsby

Below: Rigsby is seated in the back between the two windows.

Floyd Rigsby is in the center in the photo above.

The photo to the left and the one directly above it were probably taken in New York City right after the war. In the photo to the left, Rigsby is on the left.