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Izabella Mrozik's father, Zdislaw Dionizy Mrozik, was a prisoner at Murnau during World War II. He was a 1st lieutenant attached to the Allied Forces in Germany after the war and was  stationed at Kaiserslautern for some time. He was then sent on to France.


He lived with his family  in Fountainbleu from about 1948 through 1950, when he and his wife emigrated to the US. 


Like many children of war veterans, his daughter attempted to find information on the camp and who liberated the prisoners for a long time. Her father did not want to talk about the camp. She has generously shared photos of a few of her father's artifacts from the war.

Zdislaw Dionizy Mrozik

On the right and below:  Zdislaw Dionizy Mrozik's dog-tags from the camp, his Polish Military ID card, and a weapons permit from the Polish Army when he was called to duty in 1939. 

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